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Orchestration consuming a web service with 1 way and 2 way operations

I had the following problem the other day where an orchestration was consuming a web service that had multiple operations. Most of the operations were two way but one operation was one way.

When we tried to bind a one way send port to the orchestration it did not show up in the drop down list of available send ports to bind to. Apparently Biztalk was expecting a two way port perhaps because the first operation was two way.

Anyway, I had to create a new wsdl that contained only the one way operation, set a web reference to that wsdl in the orchestration and then I could bind the one way send port to the orchestration.


Generating an Xml instance from BizTalk Schema

I used the following code to generate an Xml instance from a BizTalk schema.

The code supports both single and multiroot schemas.



Download the code from here